Philosophy for Business


a primer for decision makers


Ethical Dilemmas by Geoffrey Klempner is for anyone interested in philosophy, but especially aimed at those who are in a position to make strategic decisions which involve a company's long term goals and values, in relation to the challenge of reconciling self-interest with ethics.

The program is based on ten self-contained units which are free to download. If you would like more information about distance learning programs available from the International Society for Philosophers, please e-mail

About Geoffrey Klempner

Geoffrey Klempner has a D.Phil in Philosophy from University College Oxford. He is Director of the Pathways School of Philosophy and List Manager for the Philosophy Pathways and Philosophy for Business e-journals. [CV]



Download Ethical Dilemmas

Adobe Acrobat Ethical Dilemmas Unit 1

Judging wisely, Nature of ethics, The business arena, Decision procedures, The requirement of consistency, Disinterestedness and detachment

Adobe Acrobat Ethical Dilemmas Unit 2

Making the case for ethics, Difficult decisions, Ethical dilemmas, Three moral dilemmas, Subjective and objective, The wise decision maker

Adobe Acrobat Ethical Dilemmas Unit 3

How and why we fail, Knowledge and action, The example of lying, The addicted smoker, The unrepentant thief, The low achiever, The anxious presenter, Some tentative conclusions

Adobe Acrobat Ethical Dilemmas Unit 4

The problem of 'dirty hands', The bribe, The firing squad, The paradox of principle, Principles rights and integrity, Principled leadership, Strategy and tactics

Adobe Acrobat Ethical Dilemmas Unit 5

Truth and truthfulness, Why it is wrong to lie, Business bluffing, Them and Us, Honesty as a policy, White lies

Adobe Acrobat Ethical Dilemmas Unit 6

Permissible lies?, Between bluffing and lying, Taxonomy of lies, Bullshit and spin, Lies damn lies and advertising

Adobe Acrobat Ethical Dilemmas Unit 7

Defining 'property', Stealing and lying, Theft, punishment and self-protection, Spreading the wealth

Adobe Acrobat Ethical Dilemmas Unit 8

Competing for profit, How much profit does a person need?, The rules of competition, Deals and contracts, Professional foul, Taking fair advantage

Adobe Acrobat Ethical Dilemmas Unit 9

Social responsibility as an ethical dilemma, Business case for social responsibility, Ethical case for social responsibility, Defending the term 'CSR', Importance of praxis, Fighting the system

Adobe Acrobat Ethical Dilemmas Unit 10

Prospect for a business ethics, The limits of ethics, The focus on persons, Skills and virtues, The business virtues, Business ethics for ordinary people

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